Osiris & Dionysus

Many people fail to see the connection between Osiris and Dionysus, however, the “Osiris-Dionysus” refers to a group of deities that were worshipped before the time of Jesus Christ’s emergence. Scholars of religion, theology, and mythology have been debating for years that all of these figures in ancient religion have been other forms of Christ in the past. If not actually Christ himself, having visited from Heaven in ages previous, than the mythological precedents. The argument is that each of these figures that came before Christ have been virgin born, struggled with other evil deities, been martyred, male and have been through life-death-rebirth ordeals.

Herodotus compared the Greek god Dionysus and the Egyptian god Osiris as long ago as the fifth century B.C. and found them to be nearly equal in all their mythology characteristics and virtues. When Christianity began to emerge, many Greek scholars were very angry with the overzealous bastardization of the suffering of Dionysus through the Gospel’s version of Jesus Christ. Naturally, the Christian scholars charged back, saying that the Greek Dionysus was a bastardised version of the Jewish Messiah. On the other hand, after being researched recently, experts say that the prophesied Jewish Messiah had very little in common with Dionysus or Osiris. Later on, in the 19th century, Alexander Hislop wrote The Two Babylons, his anti-Roman Catholicism treatise that was the explanation of how so many Christian holidays, and events were actually once pagan events and rituals. Later, in the more recent work of Peter Grandy and Timothy Freke expanded on the idea to include not just Catholicism, but all of Christianity in their book, The Jesus Mysteries. Other books, such as The Hiram key, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas.

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