Osiris & Horus

Horus was the son born of the goddess Isis and the god Osiris. Many believe that Horus was conceived after his father, Osiris was already dead. After the god Set had angrily dismembered and scattered Osiris all over the world, Isis searched for every part, retrieved all but one, and reassembled him. When she had put together Osiris again, the only part he lacked was a penis; legends say it had been eaten by the fish in the Nile river. Instead, Isis fashioned Osiris a penis out of gold, affixed it to his groin, and used the magic the people of Egypt had granted her to bring Osiris back to life. Isis was only able to bring Osiris back to life for one night; during the night, Isis made love fervently with her husband Osiris, and then in the morning, once again returned to land of the dead. When Isis awoke, she discovered her husband dead again; every year, in legendĀ  the Nile floods with all the tears for her dead lover.

Also the next morning, Isis discovered she had conceived the child Horus. Horus had to be constantly concealed and hidden from the jealous and wrathful god Set. Osiris sometimes came back from his domain in the Underworld in order to train his son Horus, to eventually take the throne away from Set. In one myth, Set was supposedly a homosexual, and had tried to seduce Horus; Horus allowed it, but caught Set’s semen and threw it into the river. Later, Horus fed lettuce to Set that had his semen inside of it. Afterwards, Set brought Horus before the other gods for judgement and attested to the fact that he had dominion over Horus because he had taken his seed. The gods called to Set’s semen, who answered from the river, and then to the seed of Horus who called back from inside Set. It was determined that Horus had dominion over Set, and he ruled the heavens instead.

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