Osiris & Isis: Sister, Wife, Mother

Isis was the daughter of Geb and Nut, the two supreme deities in Egyptian mythology. Originally she was promised to her brother Set, however, instead she fell in love with and married Osiris. Set was a dark and more sinister god, and after Isis chose Osiris over him, he became infuriated, making Osiris and he mortal enemies for as long as they lived. Set eventually tricked Osiris into his own murder, shutting him away in a box. Isis went searching all over the world to find her dear lover, however, Set found him first. Before Isis could give Osiris a proper funeral, Set hacked him into fourteen pieces and discarded his body over the world. After finding thirteen out of fourteen pieces of her husband, Isis sewed him back together, and brought him back long enough for them to conceive her son Horus. Isis was also the adoptive mother of Anubis, the son of Osiris and Nephthys, Set’s wife; the original reason Set went after Osiris was because he supposedly discovered the adultery.

Isis was worshipped all over Egypt, –where they worshipped Osiris, also they worshipped the goddess of wives and mothers, Isis. Accord to Egyptian mythology, the people of Egypt were so impressed with her loyalty, and love for her husband and son that they granted her magical powers. Isis went to great lengths throughout myth and legend to conceal her son Horus from the evil god Set; this was also what made her the mother goddess as well. Many Egyptians believed that Isis was born on the first day of all Creation, which also made her the goddess of birth and rebirth. Isis was believed to have shown women how to perform wifely duties, such as cooking, cleaning, weaving; she also protected loyal women from coming to harm at the hands of men. Hundreds of years after the multitudes of Isis cults began to disintegrate, the Madonna cult beliefs that stemmed from the legends of Isis persevered.

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